One in three Greeks feel more depressed on social media due to Covid-19 lockdown, survey

Virtually all Greeks use the internet

About 30% of Greeks are feeling lonelier and more depressed as they are spending more time on social media as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, according to the pan-Hellenic research Focus on Tech Life by Focus Bari.

The survey revealed that internet penetration among Greeks aged 16-74 stood at 92%. Virtually all Greeks are now internet users, while the conditions of the pandemic triggered the already existing trend of development of digital life in everyday life: we are all informed, entertained, communicated, socialised, and promoted, and offer our professional services, but also shop online.
Seven out of ten Greeks say they have increased the time (and energy) they spend on social media since the start of the lockdown last March: Facebook has reached 75% – with three out of four Greeks having at least a profile, followed by Youtube and Instagram at 62% and 55%, respectively.

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However, the increased time of exposure and interaction on social media is not always positive, as the data showed that:
-Two out of three Greeks love social media because it keeps them in touch with friends, with society and generally makes them feel connected to the “outside world”, as well as…
-Two out of five use social media to promote their work and/or offer their professional services
-Three out of five admit that they spend more time on social media than they would like and often get distracted from other activities that they would like to do, such as reading, another hobby, sport, etc.
-Two out of five every day tell themselves in the morning that they will not be seduced by social media, but they do not succeed!
-One in three admits that social media often makes him/her feel even more lonely — despite the “connection” – as some friend posts make him/her feel depressed, and especially the posts with photos from pre-pandemic times make them feel sad.