Pakistani man arrested for torturing 83-year-old woman in Preveza

The suspect might have raped the old woman

Police have arrested a Pakistani man as the prime suspect for the brutal torture and assault, and possibly rape of an 83-year-old woman in Preveza, Epirus.

According to sources, the perpetrator had a working relationship with the unfortunate elderly woman which explains why no traces of burglary were found in the house.

The foreign national was among those who were brought in to the police station for questioning, and was eventually charged when he reportedly confessed to the crime.

The reason for his attack on the 83-year-old has not yet been determined.

The elderly woman is being treated at a hospital in Ioannina with severe craniocerebral injuries, while the medical examiner’s conclusion is expected to conclude whether she had been raped as the 83-year-old was found naked from the waist down.

The perpetrator of the attack will be taken to the prosecutor of the Court of First Instance of Preveza, at least on the charge of attempted murder.

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