PM Mitsotakis will finally meet with Archbishop of America Elpidophoros

The Archbishop apologised for his presence at the inauguration of the Turkish House

Greek PM will finally be meeting with the Archbishop of America Elpifophoros following as tensions appear to be de-escalating following the latter’s apology about his attendance at the inauguration of the House of Turkey in New York in the presence of Turkish President Erdogan and the leader of the pseudo-state of Northern Cyprus, Erson Tatar.

The meeting between the two-man was confirmed by the government spokesman, Giannis Oikonomou, speaking to SKAI and the show “Simera”. As he explained, there was an issue with the handling of the whole situation that took place and whatever was to be said, was in the past. “The Archbishop himself made a clarifying statement that was completely explanatory and everyone got the answers they wanted. Being at the same event with the head of an unrecognised state could be avoided. The issue for the government is completely over after the statements of the Archbishop. “The Greek government, and the Archbishop of America can only be on the same side, despite the unfortunate things that happen from time to time, and I think that there will be a meeting today with Mitsotakis”, he pointed out. “Because the prime minister’s schedule has changed, I do not know if he will go to Ground Zero, but I think there will be a meeting,” he added.

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