Prince Harry surprises Megan juggling outside her window (video)

Look outside the window

Megan Markle turned 40 yesterday and she posted a video.

Megan Markle appeared talking via Zoom with actress Melissa McCarthy about many different things, announcing her new project and having a humorous discussion with her.

The video was shot in a room in the mansion of Prince Harry and Megan Markle in Los Angeles where they live with their two children, Archie and Lily and of course their dogs.

In fact, Megan Markle’s beagle dog Guy could be seen lying on the pillow behind Megan.

But he was not alone. Prince Harry made a rather unexpected appearance in Megan Markle’s video as he sat outside the window and…juggled.

At some point he disappeared. Melissa saw Prince Harry in this funny scene and burst out laughing.

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