Refugees arrested in Mytilene after they reportedly assaulted officers in the police station

In a separate incident, a refugee was arrested after breaking into a house

Two foreigners from the Kara Tepe refugee camp in Lesvos accosted police officers in Mytilene during a routine check after they refused to comply with instructions and were taken to the local police station where they were handcuffed.

The two men insulted and threatened the officers while at the station while they physically resisted detainment. A case was filed against them for insult, threat, disobedience, and violence against officers, and they were taken to the Mytilene Prosecutor’s Office.

In a separate incident, a refugee’/illegal immigrant invaded a woman’s house in Mytilene and was detained by police.

The motive of the intrusion of the man is being investigated by the police of the local department who arrested him. According to the preliminary findings, the immigrant broke into the house and caused damage to the property. It is still unclear whether he intended to steal or attack the tenant. A case was filed against him for disturbing the peace at home and causing damage and he was referred to the prosecutor of the Court of First Instance of Mytilene.