Researchers worried over new strain of Covid-19 spreading across Europe

The new type was detected in Spanish farmers in June

The medical and scientific community is expressing concerns that a new strain of the coronavirus has emerged and is spreading in Europe, following its detection in Spanish farmers in June.

In fact, it seems that the majority of European cases have arisen from this new strain, while data from the Financial Times show that 80% of British cases are a result of this strain. However, the specific characteristics of this … mutation remain unclear, such as whether its form is more dangerous or not.

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This new strain is called 20A.EU1 and has been studied by a team of researchers who monitor mutations in the Covid-19 virus. According to this study, tourists in Spain caught a coronavirus from this new strain, as a result of which they transported it to their countries and thus it spread to the rest of Europe.

Research teams in Switzerland and Spain are now rushing to look at the behaviour of the “Spanish” strain to see if the mutated virus is more deadly or more contagious than other strains.