Ronaldo gets an insane amount for an Instagram post – How much is it?

The top two are from Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the most expensive Influencer in the Premier League, as a post on his Instagram can cost 1.8 million euros.
The 36-year-old Manchester United Portuguese star is currently the most expensive Influencer, but also the only one who with just one post can make sales of a brand take off. This is also reflected in the numbers brought to light by the research of “MyProtein”.

Specifically, Cristiano Ronaldo, who has 350 million followers, costs an advertising post on his account at 1.8 million euros, being the only footballer with such an astronomical amount.

By comparison, his teammate at the “red devils”, Paul Pogba, charges 245 thousand euros per post, while Mohamed Salah of Liverpool gets 222 thousand euros. The top five of the relevant list is completed by Thiago Silva of Chelsea with 90 thousand euros and Rafael Varane with 85 thousand euros.

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