Seasonal retail stores re-open after a month

Strict rules are in place for customers in stores

Monday is expected to be a trial run for the effectiveness of the partial lifting of the Covid-19 measures, as 110 retail stores selling seasonal items (ie Christmas items) have opened after about a month, with everyone anxiously awaiting how consumers will react, and especially, how the public will comply with the coronavirus protection measures.

The opening of a limited number of stores is accompanied by very strict operating rules, some of which include:

· Customers visiting seasonal stores will be obliged to send a message to 13033 with option 2 or a corresponding completed movement certificate form or a handwritten certificate for transfer/operation to a goods supply store.

· The working hours schedule is set from 7 am to 8.30 pm

· The proportion of people in the store per sq.m. is 4 people per 100 sq.m.

· In stores over 100 sqm one person for 15 each sqm.

· Mandatory use of a mask by everyone

· Keeping a distance of 2 metres

· The use of elevators is not recommended

· In case it is necessary to use an elevator, the capacity in relation to the allowed limit is set at 40%.

· The use of elevators is not permitted, if escalators are available, for the disabled, the elderly, or for the use of catering.

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