Senior high schools across Greece to open on April 12

Students and teachers will be obligated to take two tests per week

Senior high schools across the country will open on April 12 with both students and teachers obligated to take Covid-19 tests twice a week, every Monday and Thursday, as announced by Education Minister Niki Kerameos in a press briefing with Health Minister Vasilis Kikilias currently underway.

The Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilias, the Minister of Education and Religions Niki Kerameos, and the Deputy Minister of Health Vassilis Kontozamanis are participating in the briefing.

“We are announcing the reopening of the Lyceums from Monday, observing all the measures, such as the mask, the different breaks, the permanent groups in the sports, the ventilation of the rooms, the special measures for the special courses.

In addition, a self-test will be performed twice a week for each student. The tests will be necessary for the students to come to the classrooms every Monday and Thursday. The tests will be given with the AMKA of each student from the pharmacies.”