Sophia Loren reveals her only regret

Cary Grant never proposed to me on set, says Sophia Loren

It was one of the greatest cinematic love stories of the 20th century, but Sophia Loren has now revealed that Cary Grant never proposed to her on set.

The 86-year-old Italian actress has previously detailed the torrid love affair she had with Grant while filming the 1957 film The Pride and the Passion. Also starring Frank Sinatra, it was the first American film she had worked on.

She set the record straight in an interview with Radio Times. “Cary Grant was a very handsome man and a wonderful actor, but he didn’t propose,” she said.

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It would have been “impossible” for the English actor to propose while they worked together on set, she said. Loren, who was 23 when shooting the film, was 30 years younger than Grant. She said she was too young to have any clear ideas about love and relationships.

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