Spiegel: IMF to remain on Greek program

Second review of Greek program to be accelerated

German magazine Der Spiegel claims the IMF is expected to provide up to 5 billion Euros in the 3rd Greek bailout program. The article, which will appear in Saturday’s edition, says the Fund has agreed on the 3.5% surplus for the Greek GDP set by its European partners, citing creditor sources. “The participation of the IMF in the Greek program was uncertain until today”, adding that Greece’s lenders hope to the upcoming national elections in the Netherlands and France will speed up the completion of the second review fearing the electoral results could complicate the situation even further. Meanwhile, Deutsche Welle reported on that the deputy spokesperson of the German government commented on the statements made by German MEP and member of the Christian Social Union party, Manfred Weber who said the IMF should leave the Greek program if it seeks to cut the Greek debt. The German Finance Ministry opposed the statement later, arguing the IMF had to remain on board during a regular press briefing.