The cave beach always under shade is only 1-hour away from Athens (beautiful video)

It is called the Cave of the Seal

Most know the famous parts of Greece and its renowned the world over beaches. But, the more one searches, the more hidden gem’s surface.

Magical beaches, villages, and rare natural landscapes can “pop up” in the most unexpected places on your journey in the land of the Olympian Gods. One of them, for example, is a mere hour and a half away from Athens and is known only to those in the loop.

This hidden beach is tucked in a sea cave in the Corinthian Gulf where the sun hardly ever reaches due to the particular morphology. The cave is called the Seal Cave “Fokia”.

You can reach it more easily by boat or by land via a rough but short path. The beach is actually located near the settlement of Strava, Corinth, which you can easily be navigated to the beach from the plenty of signs.

Arriving you will notice the large vertical rocks appear as if they have been “sliced” by a huge stone arch. A truly unique creation of nature.

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The beautiful, almost secluded beach has fine white pebbles, while the crystal clear, and quite cold waters are coloured by the rocks and pebbles and take on a clear hue that you can find on exotic Ionian beaches. Of course, because you might be planning to spend the whole day there a good idea is to take everything you need with you like water etc. Don’t worry about bringing an umbrella because it’s the only thing you won’t need.

Of course, you should not forget your camera to capture the beauty of the landscape. Don’t forget that the water is not very hot due to the spot.

Watch a beautiful video uploaded on YouTube channel Haanity channel