The Most Popular Passwords Around the World (infographic)

Do not use these…

Cybersecurity is a topic for tech experts, sure, but every layperson can also do his or her part in an area of cybersecurity that isn’t so hard to understand: safe passwords. Using an easy to remember password doesn’t seem like a big deal until finding out that a popular hacking method actually uses a bot to try out a number of common passwords until one sticks. So, if you find your password on this list published by security application provider North Pass, it might be wise to make a change.

Among the most common passwords found in leaks in 2020 is the sneaky “qwerty”, the obvious “password” and the ubiquitous “123456” (or one of its many variations), which has led to lists of the most common password for some years. Using password as your password is truly an international phenomenon, as the new entry “senha” – Portuguese for password – in rank 6 shows.

source statista

Infographic: The Most Popular Passwords Around the World | Statista

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