Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson on the 1821 Revolution (video)

The video posted a year ago is gaining attention again

A video posted months ago by Tom Hanks and his wife Greek-American, Rita Wilson, inviting people to celebrate with Greece the 200th anniversary of the Revolution of 1821 has gone viral in light of the celebrations.

“Greece, the place of beauty, of Democracy, of philosophers, of wonderful people,” says Tom Hanks, counting with his fingers for each particular reference to the video that Rita Wilson had uploaded to her account. The video is being shared again on social networks, now that the anniversary is approaching.

Laughing, emphasising every word, Tom Hanks participates in his wife’s message, boasts that he has Greek citizenship, and extends the call to the world public to visit Greece and beyond the celebrations themselves.
The video they made exactly a year ago becomes absolutely relevant, as we enter the week of March 25th.

video credit Greece 2021 YouTube channel