Top 5 less known Ski Resorts of Greece (PHOTOS)

Ski resorts in Greece are open to offer thrills to all snow-related sports lovers

All people who love winter know the fact that when temperature decreases there is a rise in adrenaline! Ski resorts in Greece are open to offer thrills to all snow-related sports lovers. Get your skis and boards ready and discover the best “hidden” ski resorts of the country.

– Pelion Ski Resort
Where? Just a few kilometers from the famous tsipouradika (tsipouro taverna) of Volos, the mythic mountain of the Centaurs awaits visitors, where you will be able to get a taste of the unique experience of Alpine skiing while you enjoy the sea view.

How? Follow the road from Volos to Portaria village. Go through Portaria and ascend for about 5 km until you reach Chania. Continue for 2 more km up to Agriolefkes where the Resort is situated.

Why? The view from the ski resort is breathtaking! From one side you can see the Pagasetic Gulf and from the other side the Aegean Sea, the Thermaikos Gulf, Halkidiki and, deep into the horizon, Mt. Athos! The resort has 5 ski slopes of 15 km length: 4 downhill pistes and 1 endurance slope of 5km length (Lang-Lauf) that goes through a marvelous forest path.

Tip: The Resort offers 3 parking lots, café, restaurant, ski equipment store, first aid clinic, alpine ski and snowboard school (offering tutoring for children) and chalets that offer accommodation in nature!


– Elatochori Ski Resort
Where? Situated at the Pieria Mountains, the Elatochori Ski Resort offers a view to the mythic Aliakmonas River and Mt. Olympus, the abode of the gods.

How? If you come from Athens, Thessaloniki or Larisa through the national highways take the exit at Katerini town and follow the old national highway Katerini – Elassona. At the 13th km turn right, go through Elatochori village and after 8km you will find yourself at the ski Resort in the area of Papa Chorafi at an altitude of 1,450m.

Why? Pieria is one of the richest forest mountains of Greece which will amaze you. Access is fairly easy too! You will find 8 pistes named after the ancient Muses, one slope for snowboarding and one for sledding reaching a length of 12 km., which will certainly amuse you in your adventures in the snowed paths.

Tip: The Resort offers a two storey chalet, ski equipment store, ski school & first aid clinic.


– Falakro Ski Resort
Where? The resort is situated at Mt. Falakro (meaning bald) at the limits of the municipality of Nevrokopi, about 42 km from the town of Drama.

How? The journey from Drama to the resort takes approximately 45 min. Follow the road towards Drama – Kato Nevrokopi up to the junction of Volakas and ascend towards the ski resort.

Why? Because of its natural ski slopes at an altitude of 2,200 meters, plus the excellent quality of snow. Overlooking Nestos River, Pyrgon gorge, Mt. Olympus, Drama’s lowlands, Mt. Pangaio, as well as the sea where you can distinguish Thasos and Athos Peninsula.

Tip: It’s the biggest ski resort in Macedonia that consists of 20 pistes of 17 km length, 3 accommodation chalets, ski equipment store, alpine ski school, first aid clinic and parking.


– Mainalo Ski Resort
Where? At the limits of the municipality of Tripoli, in the plateau of Ostrakina and at a height of 1,600 meters, the resort lies under the highest peak of Mt. Mainalo. Situated only 12 km from Vytina and 30 km from Dimitsana village.

How? Come through Ano Kardara village, or through Vytina and enjoy the ride through the fir forest.

Why? It is located a breath away from Athens in an area of unique nature and architectural beauty. Mainalo is part of the NATURA network and the surrounding villages are considered amongst the most beautiful in Greece.

Tip: The resort has 7 ski slopes, an alpine ski school, a two storey chalet and ski equipment store.


– Pertouli Ski Resort
Where? It is located in the southern part of Pindus mountains, on Mt Kerketio (Koziakas), at Pertouliotika, between the villages of Elati and Pertouli.

How? It is situated at a distance of 375 km from Athens and 256 km from Thessaloniki. Take the route through Trikala town and continue for approximately another 40km to reach the resort.

Why? It is the perfect choice for a family, excellent for beginners because of its smooth skiing slopes, but for experienced skiers as well as the resort organizes night skiing events.

Tip: The resort has 3 ski slopes, 3 chalets and a parking lot.


Note: Prior to deciding to visit one of Greece’s ski resorts, do not forget to get informed about the hours of operation, as well as, the weather conditions in the area.