Tour du Peloponnese 2019: A classic car adventure! (amazing photos)

Tour du Peloponnese 2019 or the dreamers’ victory…

It was late in 2013 when Triskelion was set up and begun organizing the first TDP (…as it has since been established). The idea was simple. An international regularity rally that would cross the Peloponnese for 7 days passing through all its historical monuments. The ultimate trip back in time, to probably the last driving paradise in the autumnal Peloponnese.

No one at that time believed that there could be an international Greek regularity rally that would be able to gather foreign crews. What started as a personal bet against the misery of the Greek crisis has turned out to be the biggest event in Greece’s historic vehicle scene, with 55 entries in 2019 6th rally, coming from 14 countries, including Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, England, Belgium, Germany…

Everything had to be carefully designed from scratch. Targeted strategy through social media (…back then, in 2013 was simply NOT implemented by anyone in Greece), participation in almost all exhibitions, proper material and contact with all foreign media in the field. From 15 entries in 2014 to 55 entries in 2019 with magnificent historic vehicles that run all over the Peloponnese.

Ancient Olympia was the starting point of the Rally. There, at the place where the Olympic Games were held, the hospitable Municipality of Ancient Olympia embraced the TDP from the very start, making it an ideal and impressive beginning to our event.

The Greek flag over the first car was given by the Mayor Mr. Georgiopoulos, together with the municipal authority. Next was a stop at the Temple of Epicourios Apollo and an overnight stay in Kalamata (where the first repairs by our engineers to the rally vehicles took place). The Papworth-Papworth from UK with an MGC, the Dutch Van Zanten-Kaiser with the Peugeot 504 Coupe and the Crucifix-Iatrides with the Porsche 911 had already a clear head.

Day 2 and departure towards Mani. Kardamili, Stoupa, lunch at Limeni and finish at Gerolimena. From Mani the start of the 3rd day to Plytra for noon. A tragic mistake puts Papworth out of the competition. In the evening in Monemvasia where the idea of ​​an overnight stay inside the castle captivated foreign crews. For the 4th day, Ierakas, Kyparissi and finish in Mystras where the crews were personally greeted by the municipal authorities with the Mayor of Sparta Mr. Doukas.

Last day with a rainy start and stop at the archaeological site of Tegea. One stop in Nafplio and preparations for the notorious night stage that traditionally closes every TDP. A 27 kilometers long stage finishing at the St. Peter’s Square in Argos (the Triskelion’s headquarters).

The Dutch team of Van Zanten-Kaiser were the winners almost a tenth of a second faster than the Crucifix-Iatrides! For those who lived through it the more satisfying part was when people were gathering in every stop to enjoy these classic vehicles. Especially the children’s look, which was the same as the ones the organizers had when they started: The dreamers’ look!

PS: John Karampelas and the organizers would like to thank all the friends, participants, organizations and sponsors who helped to the accomplishment of a very difficult task…