Transport measures for both private and public transport to May 31st

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Additional transport restrictions and extensions of current ones against the coronavirus pandemic were signed on Wednesday by the Deputy Transport Minister Giannis Kefalogiannis, concerning both private and public transport.

These will stay in effect until May 31, the ministry noted.

For any 5-seater private car or taxi only one passenger is allowed in the car at any one time – besides the driver – unless the second passenger is a medical emergency.

For 6-7 seater cars, private or otherwise, the number of allowed passengers increases to 2, and for 8-9 seaters a maximum of 3 passengers is allowed during any one journey.

The only exception to these measures is a parent with underage children on board.

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Concerning public and municipal buses, trolleys, long-distance coaches (KTEL), and any private bus or mini-bus transport operator, a maximum 50 pct passenger capacity is allowed for bookings or in general public transportation.

Finally, the ministry said that bus operators in the tourism sector, who provide guided cityscape tours with open-decker two-storey buses, can submit their number plates for a voluntary pause of service until May 31.

Source: amna