Turkish businessman pays €76,000 fine in Mykonos for Covid-19 violation on yacht (video)

He held a party on a yacht with 26 guests

A Turkish yacht owner paid a total of €76,000 for violating Covid-19 regulations in Mykonos.

The businessman was fined for holding a party on a yacht with 26 guests on board, which was a breach of the current strict coronavirus measures, and was forced to fork out €50,000 for himself and €1,000 for each of his guests.

This businessman visits Mykonos almost every summer and rents luxury yachts offering mini-cruises in the Aegean based on the island of the Winds. He tried to justify himself to the Coast Guard, saying he had the impression that the mini lockdown and restrictive measures in the entertainment ended in the early hours of Monday.

The yacht was moored in Psarrou and the first guests boarded shortly after midnight. While the DJ onboard was instructed to play at low volume to avoid disturbing the nearby boats, at the crack of dawn he pumped up the volume. As expected, the loud music caused the disgruntlement of the other boat owners and customers of nearby hotels.

The Greek coast guard arrived at Psarrou around 06.30, asking all the passengers to disembark.

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