Turkish Defence Minister Akar: “Greece has expansionist aspirations”

“They started in 1821 and have reached the present point”

Turkey continues to use provocative rhetoric after Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar accused Greece of expansionist policies in a recent interview with the daily Hurriyet.

As he stated, “Greece is the country that has expansionist aspirations”.

At the same time, he urges one to look at the map of the wider area from 1821 until today, in order to find out who really has expansionist aspirations and who does not.

“Greece itself is an expansive country. They started in 1821 and have reached the present point”, he says specifically and adds “anyone who doubts can look at the map from 1821 until today”.

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At the same time, referring to the issue of the Turkish relations with the US, Akar stressed that the problem is neither the S-400 nor the F-35 but the Kurdish militia of Northern Syria, which -according to him- the US supports.