Turkish Deputy calls for official investigation in 1955 pogrom against Greeks and Armenians

Garo Paylan called on the punishment of culprits

The Democratic People’s Party (HDP) deputy in Armenia and Democratic People’s Party (HDP) Deputy President, submitted a formal request to the Turkish Parliament to investigate the pogrom and pillage against Armenians and Greeks in Constantinople in 1955.

Turkish-Armenian MP Garo Paylan called for an official investigation into the 1955 pogrom against the Greeks and Armenians which led many rapes and the pillaging of Christian-owned properties on September 6 and 7.

In his formal request, Paylan recalled that, according to official documents, 73 churches, two monasteries and 5,538 houses were destroyed, while 60 Greek women were raped at the events that took place in Constantinople.

He also pointed out that all this was a product of the Turkish “special forces”, and that they carried out their mission with “brilliance”.

“I call on parliament to start an investigation into the pogrom and pillage of 1955, find and punish the culprits and pay compensation to the victims,” said Garo Paylan.