Unbelievable video: Fire devil throws tree trunk towards fire-fighters in Vilia! (video)

Nobody was hurt

A shocking video from the fire in Vilia was posted by Forecast Weather Greece Facebook page. The video shows images of a fire turbine in Vilia, which lifted up and threw a tree trunk towards the firefighters, as mentioned in the post.

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The fire in Vilia is still out of control for the fourth day and the flames are approaching the settlements of Oinoi and Panorama.

The operations of the Fire Brigade have been concentrated at the above locations, making enormous efforts to stop the fire-front’s course towards the settlements, which at the same time has active outbreaks and resurgences throughout the perimeter of many kilometers, in which it has spread.

The air force has already been strengthened and 7 helicopters and seven aircraft are now operating, including the Russian Beriev-200.