We will scorch anyone who sets foot on Greek territory, Armed Forces leader General Floros warns

He said he is willing to talk to the Armed Forces leadership but not under pressure of threats

“Whoever sets foot on our territory, will be first scorched then will we ask questions about who it is”, said in s tarict tone the Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDS), General Konstantinos Floros.

During a press briefing on Thursday. the General said that although the Greek Armed Forces may not have everything it wanted, but they were organised, adding that “…whoever messes with us will pay a very high cost. Friends and allies know this.”

Speaking to reporters, the military leader was asked to explain how Greece would react if Turkey commenced drilling inside the Greek continental shelf. “If such things happen, Greece will exercise its sovereign rights, there is a set of escalating measures.” General Floros added: “If we are to reach the point of strictly military action, this is also a possibility, no one has ruled it out. There is no one point-locale of crisis, it will spread immediately, it is not possible for something to happen in Kastellorizo ​​and not to spread everywhere.”

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Commenting on the Turkish provocations against Greece in February and March on the Evros borders, General Floros said: “After Evros, there were overflights, erratic acts, unprecedented things.”

The head of HNDS warned in a stern manner that Greece would torch anyone who attempted to occupy Greek territory.

“I have every intention of talking to the Turkish leader, but I cannot do it under pressure, under threat, at the risk of an incident, and in the daily strain of our armed forces,” said General Floros, adding: “Turkey is trying to talk. but not on equal terms. My own ambition is that when I leave the services, there will be no talks that will not take place on equal terms.”