Wild video goes viral! Christian pastor forces 6 police officers out of his chucrh by shouting them down

The incident occurred in Canada

In a wild video that has gone viral on social media, a Polish Christian pastor literally singlehandedly drove six Canadian police officers from the lobby of his evangelical church by shouting them off the private premises.

The pastor was enraged after the police officers disrupted service on Passover.

“Nazis are not welcome here,” declared Artur Pawlowski, the pastor of The Cave of Adullam. “Please get out immediately.”

The officers had been summoned because the church was reportedly in violation of the strict Covid-19 regulations.


Pastor Pawlowski told the police to leave at once and come back with a warrant. When they initially refused, he continued to forcefully demand they depart from his church refusing to engage in a conversation with the female officer who was unable to get in a single word.

“I don’t care what you have to say. Out. Out of this property you Nazis,” he yelled. “Gestapo is not allowed here. Gestapo is not allowed. Do you understand English? Get out of this property.”

“Out, Nazi, out,” he said as he ordered them to leave. “Nazis are not welcomed here and don’t come back with a warrant.”

Video shows one of the officers trying to convey a message to Pastor Pawlowski, but he had no interest in hearing what she had to say.

“You’re not welcome here. Nazis are not welcome here. Gestapo is not welcome here. Do not come back you Nazi psychopaths,” he said.

“Unbelievable. Sick, evil people,” he said as the officers retreated onto the sidewalk.