Zero deaths from Russian vaccines, country’s health watchdog says

There are 1.5 million Russian citizens keeping online diaries about possible side effects

The Russian health watchdog (Roszdravnadzor) said today that it had not recorded any deaths following vaccination with Russian vaccines and that no more than 0.1% of side effects had been reported.

“We are constantly monitoring the safety of Covid-19 vaccines. Since its inception, we have not recorded a single case of death resulting from the use of Russian coronavirus vaccines, while the frequency of side effects does not exceed 0.1%”, said the head of Roszdravnadzor, Ala Samoilova.

Samoilova noted that experts are investigating in detail any case of adverse reactions that occur after vaccination, noting that “in a number of cases, there were coronavirus infections during the period before stable immunity to the host was formed.”

The head of Roszdravnadzor also said that vaccinated people are widely monitored for the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and that there is a register of vaccinated with the data of all citizens who have been jabbed as well as the reactions that occurred after vaccination.

She added that more than 1.5 million people keep online diaries, which inform authorities about their condition after a vaccination, while there is an effective medication monitoring system, in which every medical worker has to enter data on cases where side effects are observed after vaccination.

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