10th All-Star Greece Motocross event to take place in Mykonos on October 25-27

Many top names in the motorsport scene are expected to take part to promote alternative tourism

Greece’s diverse landscape offers the opportunity for a variety of activities to the travellers choosing to visit the sun-kissed Mediterranean country.

For the lovers of motorsport, speed and adventure Mykonos is the perfect spot to visit between October 25th and 27th, as the island, most famous for its nightlife and A-list celebrity status, will be hosting the 10th All-Star Greece Motocross event running from 25th to the 27th of October.

The aim is to promote alternative tourism on the island, as well as to acquaint the young people of Mykonos with this exciting sport. The event will feature 14 Greek champions of the MX, while other notable riders fro the Greek Motocross scene have also been invited to attend the 2-day event.

The event will also include other experiences, including getting the public acquainted with motorcycles, cultural visits, lectures, awards, while an All-Star Game by the Greek MX Athletes will take place. The event will end with a traditional, rich gastronomical journey at the courtyard.

On Saturday at 10:00 am the athletes will receive a guided tour of Mykonos for about an hour.

Then they will warm-up for the All-Star Game, which starts at 11 am on Sunday, accompanied by music and parallel events. The 10th All-Star Greece Motocross is organised by the Mykonos Motorcycle Club, with the support of the municipality of the island.