Albania: Extremists threaten the Greek minority in Albania while Rama turns a blind eye

Albanian expansionism may set the Balkans in flames again

A wave of targeted break-ins in houses of members Greeks minority of Albania has struck once again with many seeing a pattern. According a letter by the Greek mayor of Dropolis, this wave of break-ins, the stealing of Greek flags in villages inhabited exclusively by Greeks the destruction of road signs written in Greek are aiming in terrorizing the local native Greek minority.
The National Greek Minority of Northern Epirus (Southern Albania) is a native ethnic minority internationally recognized by treaties and conventions and Albania has undertaken a series of responsibilities under international law towards the Greek Minority, as these are described in the “UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities”.
For example the bilingual signs in areas inhabited by ethnic minorities is mandatory and it is exactly these that Albania refuses to install and the “unknown” extremists destroy.

Another phenomenon that indicates that the intension of these attacks is to terrorize the members of the minority is the fact that when they break-in the Greek houses they do not remove anything valuable but instead they just choose make a mess.

These actions combined with a rhetoric of expansionism towards practically every neighboring country are bringing the possibility of the Balkans, the “Arsenal of Europe”, into a new battlefield…