American & German tourists main contributors to Greek tourism in 2018

Russian arrivals record sharp drop

German and American tourists accounted for the bulk of the positive data for Greek tourism in arrivals and receipts in 2018.

According to the Bank of Greece’s Travel Balance data for the 10-month period January-October 2018, arrivals from Germany increased by 19% and travel receipts by 13.6% compared to the 10-month period of 2017, while the US registered an increase of 25.7% in arrivals and 25% in receipts.
On the other hand, a 5% reduction is recorded in receipts from France, 6.1% from the United Kingdom and a 20% drop from Russia. The arrivals from France increased by 6.4%, from the United Kingdom by 1.7%, while there were 13.7% fewer Russian arrivals.