Amphipolis: Exquisite mosaic floor unearthed (See photos)

The stunning mosaic floor that has been partly unearthed is exquisite, giving a glimpse of what it will be like once it is fully unearthed

Stunning photographs of the mosaic floor at the ancient tomb at Amphipolis in northern Greece were announced by the Ministry of Culture on Sunday. The exquisite mosaic was revealed in the second chamber of the tomb where the caryatids are.

The mosaic features white, black, grey, blue, red and yellow pebbles. It shows a chariot in motion.


The statement of the Ministry of Culture says:

“The central theme is a chariot in motion, pulled by two white horses and driven by a bearded man, crowned with a laurel wreath.”


The messenger god Hermes is pictured in front of the chariot.


The mosaic reveals the exquisite skill in portraying details of the figures, the horses and the colors.


The mosaic floor is 4.5 meters wide and 3 meters in length. The central theme is framed by a 0.6-meter wide border with a double meander, squares and spiral shapes.


Archaeologists at the excavation site say that they are still working to reveal the mosaic, however they already know that the middle of the mosaic has been destroyed though they have found parts in the dirt that they will try to reassemble.


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