Turks arrest two Greek soldiers! (Upd)

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One officer and one soldier of the Hellenic Armed Forces were arrested by Turks, according to the information provided by the Hellenic Army General Staff.

According to the Army General Staff on Thursday, March 1, a military patrol consisting of two members of the Army, during a routine patrol at the border area of the Kastania Forest of Evros, allegedly passed into the Turkish part of the borders due to adverse weather conditions, and were arrested by a Turkish patrol.

“There was no fighting and [the soldiers] are currently in Edirne,” Greek military command spokesman Nikolaos Fanios told Agence France-Presse, adding that the pair are in good health.

“The Greek foreign minister is currently arranging for their repatriation,” he added.

Tensions have been high in recent months between Greece and Turkey, both NATO members.

At the Kastania there are land borders between Greece and Turkey, while the rest of the border area is divided between the Evros river.

There are ongoing negotiations between the Greek and Turkish authorities for the return of the Greek soldiers.

According to the information so far, the two Greek soldiers are in good health and they have been transported to Adrianople for the due process.


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