Clashes between demonstrators & Anti-riot police outside the Parliament (VIDEO-PHOTOS)

Flash-bang & tear-gas grenades were thrown

With three different rallies, organizations and trade unions react against the draft law that the SYRIZA-ANEL government has brought in Parliament, ahead of the Eurogroup on January 22, which will assess the progress of the pre-requisites for the closure of the 3rd evaluation of the Greek program.

Unions and organizations are reacting both against the “strike law” and the further cuts included in the draft law, but also to the auctions.

Around 19:00′ there was tension between LAE members and the police force and the police used two flash-bang grenades to push them away from the Parliament building. At the same time,  anarchists threw stones and a Molotov against the anti-riot force, prompting immediate reaction and use of chemicals by the police.

A few minutes later, protesters attempted to re-approach the Parliament building, resulting in a second round of clashes.