Eurostat: Greece still has highest unemployment rate in EU

Jobless number fell from September 2016 to 2017

Unemployment between September 2016 and September 2017 in Greece recorded the highest decline in the EU, s it dropped from 23.2% to 20.5%, according to date released by Eurostat on Tuesday. Despite this, the jobless rate in Greece remains the highest in the EU standing at 20.5% in September, followed by a large margin by Spain with 16.7%. The Czech Republic (2.5%) and Germany (3.6%) have the lowest unemployment rate in the union.
The unemployment rate in November in the Eurozone amounted to 8.7% (compared with 8.8% in October), registering the lowest level since January 2009. In the EU, unemployment stood at 7.3% in November (against 7, 4% in October), recording the lowest level since October 2008. A year ago, in November 2016, unemployment in the Eurozone and EU-28 was 9.8% and 8.3%, respectively.
The total of unemployed persons in the EU were 18.116 million, while the Eurozone had 14.263 million. The number of unemployed in Greece stood at 981,000, with men 16.8% of men being without a job, compared to women (25.3%).