Exarchia: Anarchists stab Coast Guard operator & steal his gun

The attack took place as seven Coast Guard operators & a prosecutor were investigating for drugs in a building taken over by anarchists

Anarchists attacked seven Coast Guard operators and the prosecutor that was overseeing their operation in the Exarchia area, Athens.

The result of the attack was the injury of two Coast Guard operators, one of which was stabbed three times on his thigh, while the other was punched in the face. The anarchists took both their personal weapons.

The operation was a follow up on a lead that came about after the arrest of an Iraqi national with drugs at Piraeus port. The team entered a building taken over by anarchists and during the investigation, they found quantities of drugs and proceeded to arrest two women, a Greek-Australian and a Moroccan.

As the team was exiting the building, two vans appeared with 30-40 hooded men. According to the information so far, one of them was holding an AK-47 Kalashnikov, but he did not use it. During the fight that followed, the anarchists managed to take from the Coast Guard operators the Greek-Australian woman.

The stabbed operator was transferred to the 401 Military Hospital and his life is not in danger.

Immediately thereafter, the anarchists fled to the surrounding narrow streets. A manhunt is underway for their arrest.