Fly from Australia to Greece for only $299 – It is not a joke!

Baggage and meals cost extra

If you are a Greek-Australian, one of the major drawbacks to visiting the old country and seeing how Yaya and Pappu are doing is the distance, and to be more precise the airfares. How can an average family afford to slash out thousands just for the tickets? Well, there is good news for all. An Australian air company called “Scoot” just announced the “Deal of the Decade” with tickets from Australia to Athens from as low as $299!
Yep, you heard right. the airline company made the incredible deal public informing all those interested that it is available on flights from Perth to Athens for a limited time between now and May 30th and you’ll need to book by the end of February.
If someone is departing from the Gold Coast, Sydney or Melbourne, the rickets cost from $309
Scoot is a budget airline and a subsidiary of the Singapore Airlines Group. The costs are extremely low, but baggage and meals are charged extra.
During its initial sale, Scoot was selling the Athens route from $369 from Perth and $419 from the east coast, however, prices have gone progressively lower with each Scoot sale since and this is the first time it’s dropped below $300.
Prices this low will end at 11:59 pm Thursday 28th February (Perth time) and your travel must be completed by 30th May 2019 – some blackout periods may apply.