Four Turkish fighter jets fly over Greeks islands 7 times!

The two aircraft left the Athens FIR at 11:03

Four Turkish F-16 fighter jets flew over a cluster of Greeks islands on seven occasions on Tuesday.

More specifically, according to the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, a formation of Turkish fighter jets consisting of four F-16s entered the Athens FIR at 10:35.

One pair of aircraft flew over the island Mavra and Levitha at 27,000 feet. At 10:49 they flew over Mavra again at 27,000 before exiting the Athens FIR at 10 am.
The other pair of Turkish F-16s flew over the island of Kinaros at 10:45 am at 26,000 feet and at 10:48 over Levitas. The two aircraft left the Athens FIR at 11:03.