FYROM’s diplomats adopt a provocative stance towards their neighboring countries (PHOTOS)

What is FYROM trying to do?

According to a report from Anastasia Mertzou on her twitter account, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s (FYROM) ambassador in Canada, Toni Dimovski, gave a speech on the 4th of February 2017 with a poster of the “Greater Macedonia” and the “Vergina flag” behind him.

The poster, a textbook example of expansionist mentality, shows areas of Greece, Bulgaria and Albania as being part of FYROM.

The “Vergina flag” is the old FYROM flag with the symbol of the Greek “Star of Vergina”, which encapsulates the expansionist views of the country’s extremists.

Although one would expect a more cautious attitude from an ambassador, sadly this behavior is not at all uncommon for FYROM’s diplomats.

For example, FYROM’s Consul General in New York City, Goran Trajkov, has also chosen as a cover photo for his Facebook account, the map of the “Vergina flag” as well as an image of the “Greater Macedonia”.

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