Greece drops 11 spots in global corruption list (interactive map)

Country among most corrupt in public sector

According to International Transparency’s Corruption Perception Index, Greece dropped 11 spots on the list of countries seen as corrupt in 2016 compared to 2015. Greece fell to 69th spot from 58 in 2015, according to Greek newspaper Kathimerini. The vice-President of Transparency International Greece, Angelos Syrigos cases of micro-corruption, meaning paying small amounts to public services, has reemerged over the last year. “This phenomenon appeared to have declined due to the economic crisis, however, it seems to have made a resurgence”, he said. Greece is also perceived as being among the most corrupt countries in Europe based on the index across the wider public sector, with 44 points, alongside Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Malta, the Czech Republic and Cyprus. New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Canada are in the top 10 least corrupt countries, with German and Britain occupying the 10th spot.