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Greece top luxury destination for US and UK holidaymakers

According to data from Protravel International

Greece is the fourth most popular tourist destination ion the world, according to data by bookings company Protravel International. The travel agency, a subsidiary of Travel Leaders Group from the US and UK, says Greece is among the ten top luxury holiday destinations for its American and British clients. The company’s data showed that Italy was first followed by Britain and France, while Spain, Canada, Ecuador and Germany came after Greece in the preferences of the company’s customers. The company recommends a 10-day holiday to Greece for first-time visits, with the Acropolis Museum in Athens a must see, followed by a day trip to Sounion Cape. Then it suggests a 5-day stay on the island of Santorini in Oia where they can chose to dive, take a private tour on a catamaran. Finally, a 2.5-hour transport to Mykonos is recommended where they can enjoy a stay at a luxurious resort next to beautiful beaches and experience a family friendly atmosphere and the great cuisine.