Greek anarchists fighting ISIS in Kurdish areas in Syria (photos)

Greek authorities concerned they will bring back urban warfare tactics

Photos have emerged reportedly proving Greek anarchists are fighting alongside Kurdish fighters in the autonomous region of Rojava in northern Syria against ISIS terrorists. Joining many anarchists from around the globe, the Greek faction, which according to sources belongs to the Revolutionary Union of International Solidarity (RUIS) which was established by Greek anarchists. Greek newspaper “Eleftheros Typos” published photos of fighters with weapons standing in front of a wall in the conflict zone with slogans in Greek reading: “From Rojava to Athens, the liberated lands of the struggle. You will spill blood to take them. Solidarity to the occupations”. A post uploaded on the inherit explains that RUIS was formed by a dedicated group of Greek anarchists and had sent members to Rojava. The movement of Greek anarchists to the conflict zones have alerted Greek authorities and intelligence as in many posts the groups have claimed that the urban warfare they learn in the war areas of Syria will be used in their struggle back home.