Greek bonds hit new historic low breaking the 1.4% threshold

The Greek Finance Minister will present investors the opportunities in the 14th Annual Greek Roadshow

Greek Finance Minister Christos Staikouras is in London today to speak to foreign investors in the framework of the 14th Annual Greek Roadshow of the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) under the best possible conditions, as the 10-year bond closed at 1.387% from 1.497% yesterday, breaking the 1.5% barrier and the 1.4% psychological threshold.

Compared to Tuesday, the 10-year government bond yesterday reduced its yield by 7.35% and cut its spread from its corresponding German bond to 1.894%. The 5-year bond also hit a record low closing yesterday at 0.760% from Tuesday’s 0.794% yesterday (-4.28% on Tuesday)

Mr. Staikouras will analyse the prospects of the Greek economy and the government’s target of at least 3% growth and return of Greece to the investment tier over the next two years, amid a series of recent positive developments

The Greek Finance Minister is also expected to highlight the government’s initiatives in the field of structural reforms and the creation of a business and investment-friendly environment through the upcoming economic growth bill and the tax bill that will follow within the next month.

The 14th Annual Greek Roadshow started yesterday at a central London hotel with the participation of 31 listed companies, which have closed more than 560 individual meetings with 134 foreign fund managers from 100 funds.