Greek company challenges Coke Empire (pics)

Move over Coke…here comes Green Cola

Amid the current economic crisis in Greece, new opportunities arise in the market for entrepreneurs willing to take the risk. But to go up against a global brand name like Coca Cola is quite a challenge. That is exactly what the bottling plant of EPAP in Orestiada in the north east of Greece has done. Green Cola is their answer to Coca Cola and the company hopes to take its share of the soft drink market in the country.

green cola1 green cola2


The company has launched a campaign promoting its drink by calling on Greek consumers to support domestic products. Green Cola has the familiar coke taste- according to lab test at the Metsovio Polytechnic Green Cola tastes 99% like coke-but boasts healthier ingredients.

green cola6 green cola7


One of those is stevia leaves that is used for sweetening the soft drink. The leaves are a natural sweetener and contain B vitamins, many minerals and nutrients, while the company claims to use natural caffeine from green beans.

green cola5 green cola4

EPAP, which has been in the business for half a century decided to move forward with their venture and enter the market with their own product when 3E, the coca cola company in Greece, stopped its collaboration with EPAP due to the crisis. Green Cola is rapidly gaining shelf space in Greek supermarkets, while the company produces a whole line of soft drink tastes –lemonade, orange, sodas, tonics etc).