Greek fishing boat collides with Turkish vessel

The captain of the small Greek boat is safe, but his vessel sustained serious damage

A Greek fishing boat collided with a Turkish boat in Symi on Saturday afternoon. According to a report by the Symi Port Authority, a small fishing boat was sinking at the entrance of the port of the island. A 72-year-old man was rescued from the small Greek vessels by port authorities who were immediately dispatched to the area.

The single man on board the small vessel “TASOS”, was safely transferred to another boat, while his semi-submerged boat was towed by a dinghy to the shores. The 72-year-old was taken to Symi’s Multi-Purpose Clinic, where he was found to be in good health.

It was determined that the fisherman had collided with the vessel called ”CAKIR YILDIZ” flying a Turkish flag, which did not sustain any serious damage.
Port authorities are conducting an investigation into the causes of the incident.