Greek Foreign Minister: “Turkey is a ‘jihadist travel agency” in the East Med”

Nikos Dendias received his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Athens

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said Turkey was acting as a “travel agency for jihadists” in the wider region of the Middle East, in a statement he made after meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Athens on Monday.

“Relations between our countries have lasted for centuries. We stressed the importance of strengthening bilateral political contacts. “Russia is and will remain an integral part of European architectural security,” said Nikos Dendias. “In the field of energy, we look forward to continuing cooperation, examining bilateral trade and the possibility of increasing investment. “We have a lot to gain by working together.”

“Unfortunately, in all regional developments, the common denominator is the destabilising factor of Turkey. I have expressed concern about the role of Turkey, which has become a travel agency for jihadists,” said the Greek Foreign Minister, who said he had raised the issue of Turkish military arms race with his Russian counterpart.

On his part, the Russian Foreign Minister initially focused on the historical ties between the two countries and stressed that bilateral cooperation continues, while noting that, at the beginning of the pandemic, the two countries helped each other. Among other things, referring to the issue of Ankara’s provocations in the Eastern Aegean region, he advocated a peaceful settlement through dialogue.

“There are many problems in the Eastern Mediterranean. We believe that they must be resolved through international law “, underlined Sergey Lavrov,” essentially “showing the way of dialogue in Athens and Ankara.

Mr. Lavrov is scheduled to meet with PM Mitsotakis at 5pm on Monday.

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