Greek government concerned over Trump victory regarding Greek debt

Plans to exploit President Obama’s visit to Greece fall through

The Greek government was shocked with the outcome of the US Presidential elections, which saw Republican candidate Donald Trump achieve an astonishing victory. The Tsipras administration had invested a lot on the pro-Greek stance of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and her party on the Greek debt issue. In a one-sided approach, the Greek government had failed to open any diplomatic routes links to the Trump campaign, with a large portion of the Greek-American community backing Hillary Clinton. The government’s strategy to place all its support under an “Obama-Hillary” umbrella leaves it hanging. The Greek Foreign Ministry, which has been closely following the developments, saw its plans to exploit the upcoming visit of outgoing President Barack Obama to Athens falling apart after the US election results. The Tsipras government will have to find a way to approach an isolationist and conservative Trump government. It should be noted that Trump had little to says about the issue of state debt in foreign countries, leading pundits to believe that he will adopt an indifferent stance on the matter.