Greek Minister Mouzalas says country can host no more refugees

He pleads that EU show common common sense

Migration Policy Minister Ioannis Mouzalas made a plea to EU member-states against sending more refugees and migrants to Greece. In an interview to German magazine Spiegel Mr. Mouzalas said that Greece had managed to overcome the heavy burden of the large numbers of refugees and migrants pouring into the country and could not host any more. “Greece is already carrying a huge load. We are hosting 60,000 refugees. In relative terms it is comparable to that of Germany. It would be unfair for Greece to be burdened with the return of the Dublin regulations. We recently managed to overcome the problem of housing refugees on continental Greece and are taking care of the problem on the islands”, Mr. Mouzalas said. The Greek Ministers ruled out the possibility of Greece implementing the Dublin regulations which provides that refugees are relocated to the first country of entry into the EU. “At this point we have exhausted our capacity”, he underlined, adding that from the agreed 32,000 refugees only 10,000 have been relocated to other EU countries. “We cannot host a single refugee. I am calling on EU common sense”, he said.