Greek Supreme Court prosecutor against extradition of 2 more Turkish officers

He claims their lives are in danger if they are sent back to Turkey to face trial

Following the initial proposal by Supreme Court prosecutor Vasiliki Theodorou for the non-extradition of two of the eight Turkish military officers to Turkey, Tuesday, a second prosecutor, Charalampos Vourliotis also recommended that two more of the officers not be extradited to Turkey to stand trial, claiming their lives would be in danger if they returned. The eight Turkish military officers fled to Greece and requested political asylum on July 16 after the failed coup attempt in Turkey. Their case reached the Supreme Court of Greece after three court rulings in Greek courts failed to reach a conclusive decision on their fate amid diplomatic pressure by Turkey to Greece for their immediate extradition on charges of high treason. The Supreme Court of Greece is expected to reach a decision on January 23.