Greeks cannot afford a week’s holiday, Eurostat data shows (infographic)

The Swedes were in the best position of all Europeans

Greece and Cyprus are among the top 3 countries in Europe were people cannot afford a week’s holiday in 2018, according to data released by Eurostat. Only people in Romania (1) and Croatia (2) were ranked worse than the Greeks and Cypriots in the list published.

The highest share of people who could not afford a one-week holiday away from home in 2018 was recorded in Romania at 59 percent. Croatia came second with 51.3 percent while Greece and Cyprus were tied for third with 51 percent. Large proportions of the population in Italy (43.7 percent), Ireland (35.3 percent) and Poland (34.6 percent) also said a one-week holiday was out of their financial grasp. Even in Spain where long holidays in August are typical, 34.2 percent of people said they still could not pay the costs of a week-long break.

According to the data, the Swedes were better off than all Europeans as only 9.7% were unable to go on vacations for a week.

source: statista