IMF: The Greek debt relief issue should have been settled yesterday

IMF press representative says Greece has made significant reforms

The IMF spokesperson Gerry Rice said the organisation had open differences with its European partners regarding the debt relief on the Greek programme stressing time was running out for the Fund to decide on taking part in the Greek programme. “Therefore, the issue of debt relief is the issue that remains to be resolved. Discussions are underway and differences have diminished, but there are some differences that remain and need to be resolved. This should have been done, as Poul (Thomsen) said, perhaps yesterday”, Mr Rice said responding to a question during a press briefing.
The IMF spokesperson repeated the group’s position of the two parts of the Greek programme, namely that Greece had achieved significant progress in the field of reforms and that what was needed now was to settle the debt relief matter.
“The IMF has clearly laid out this matter on the table concerning what we think Greece needs for additional debt relief”, said the Fund’s representative.
According to Mr. Rice, the activation of the programme and the IMF’s participation will be a guarantee for debt sustainability, which, he said, will stimulate investor confidence and work to the benefit of the Greek economy.