Immigration and economic crisis the most important issues, Eurobarometer reveals

Greeks place economic crisis high on their list

41% of Greeks agree with the rest of the EU citizens (45%) in a Eurobarometer survey, replying that the most important issues facing the union was immigration. In contrast, 33% of Greeks rank the economic crisis as being the next most important challenge, compared to other Europeans (32%) who said terrorism was the second most important issue, reflecting the fear over the recent terrorist attacks on the continent by Islamic extremists. The poll, conducted in Autumn in the EU28 countries and 5 more states in membership talks plus the pseudo-state in Northern Cyprus, between November 3 and 16, revealed that the economic crisis was the third most pressing issue concerning the EU citizens (17%), a spot lower than the Greeks who placed it as the second most significant matter. Unemployment (16%), EU influence on global affairs (10%), Crime (8%), Climate change (8%), Inflation (8%), Environment (6%), Pensions (4%), Taxation (4%) and Energy (3%) followed. The findings showed the Estonians (70%) were the most concerned about immigration, followed by Hungarians and Maltese with 65%. The Spanish (33%) believe terrorism was the issue that raised the most concern, while the economic situation in the EU was one of the most significant sources of concern.

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