Indian student who loves Thessaloniki is on a quest to promote the city to the world

He started publishing an online magazine in English about Thessaloniki

An Indian student who arrived in Greece two years ago to pursue his studies in the field of tourism is publishing an online English magazine as a tribute for his passion of the city of Thessaloniki were he has been staying.

The goal of Kushal S. Mehta, 26, who is doing his post-graduate degree at the International University of Greece is to promote the beauty and vibrancy in India and the rest of the world of his favourite city, Thessaloniki.

“I fell in love with this city but found that, unfortunately, it is unknown to most foreigners, who only know Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos,” he recently told Athens-Macedonian News Agency (AMNA) in an interview.

Mehta said he was struck by the city’s beauties and vibrancy, “with its relaxed pace and the people who are always eager to help others.”

Supported by his friends, the Indian student published the first edition of the online SIG Magazine devoted to Greece’s second-largest city.

“We set up the magazine in order to inspire others to visit. My goal is to make the city known in even more countries because it’s really worth it.”

He says he wants to “build a bridge between Greece and Asia”.

Mehta says over 5,000 people have so far perused his magazine from 62 countries, while he has set up a crowdfunding project calling on volunteers and anyone who wants to contribute in his quest to promote the city via his magazine.