Iranian mother and child to not be extradited, Greek Supreme Court rules

The 37-year-old mother had fled Iran after being subjected to domestic abuse by her spouse

An Iranian woman who had fled her country to escape domestic violence will be able extend her stay in Greece, after the Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned a first-instance court verdict for her extradition to Iran.

Sharareh Khademi, 37, who came to Greece with her child and applied for asylum, claimed she would face the death penalty if she was sent back to Iran.

Execution by the Iranian state is the penalty for citizens who seek asylum from another country, as it is considered treason under the Islamic law.

Sarare Kandemi had asked the Greek courts to refrain from extraditing her to her homeland as she was being abused by her husband. Women have little legal recourse and few rights in similar cases of domestic spousal abuse.

The Areopagites ruled that the 37-year-old mother should not be extradited to Iran while annulling the decision of the Thracian Council of Appeals which had ruled otherwise.

Upon hearing the new decision, the Iranian mother broke down in tears and shouting “thank you, thank you”.

Following the decision, the woman was released from custody.